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Yardstick Services is a full-service boutique web design and digital marketing agency, serving clients in West Vancouver and throughout Metro Vancouver. We specialize in creating aesthetically dynamic and results-driven websites that produce digital growth and measurable action for small and medium-size businesses.
We build custom web designs with creativity and cutting-edge technology that are visually impressive and effectively meet your individual business needs. From concept to creation we help to grow your online brand, tailored to your target market to drive your user’s behaviour to greater action.
We’ve created business systems and processes that allow us to be more efficient than the average web designer. Our team will provide sound advice that will support your business goals, whether you are starting from scratch or have an outdated site.

Excel Your West Vancouver Business
With a Professional Web Design

Yardstick Services has extensive experience building and managing WordPress websites. WordPress is not used as just a blogging platform anymore; it has evolved into one of the most common CMS options for websites. We’ve researched all the major plugins and have a solution to almost all development requirements. Because WordPress has multiple themes and plugins, it’s easy to customize your WordPress site to make it look and function the way you like.

Consider your web design your handshake or fist bump; either way it’s the first impression to introduce your products and services and establish your business as professional and credible. Contact us today and let Yardstick Services help ensure that your business model is conveyed accurately — increasing traffic and sales.

5 Reasons West Vancouver Web Design Services Will Benefit Your Business

  1. Custom Designs: We don’t create a one-size-fits-all application. With your guidance, we will design a one-of-a-kind website that gives you the ability to create your own business identity customers remember.
  2. Cost Effective: We’re able to design, test and launch effective websites that small and medium-sized businesses can afford.
  3. Mobile-Friendly Designs: Designed simpler and more tasked oriented because users are looking for something quick and specific; mobile-friendly designs are created to work the exact same way across various devices.
  4. SEO Ranking: We develop websites that help improve your search engine ranking, which ultimately converts leads into sales.
  5. E-Commerce Development: We will help make your e-commerce website secure and easy-to-manage while it operates as your most effective selling tool that provides your customers an effortless user experience.

Yardstick Web Design Specialists

We care about our new clients as passionately as our long-term clients who have been along for the ride since the company’s inception. Our web designers consistently endeavour to develop relationships built on trust and personalized attention and boldly commit to our client’s success.

Our clients traverse a wide-range of industries and our cross-functional team has grown organically to fill individual specialists’ roles to meet the challenges of design, development, and marketing in pursuit of project solutions.

Our web design specialists can create both a beautiful looking website and effectively resolve bugs and develop new features. At Yardstick Services, our diverse crew is innovative, agile professionals, who each possess a strong knowledge base and experience in their respective fields, which you can access at a fraction of the cost of hiring one individual in-house.

About West Vancouver

With a population of just under 41,000, West Vancouver is a district municipality and a waterfront community adjoined by the District of North Vancouver to the east and situated northwest of Vancouver on the northern side of English Bay. It’s bordered on the southeast waters of Burrard Inlet and Howe Sound, and the Capilano River corridor to the east.

Affectionately coined West Van, the district is also home to Horseshoe Bay, where the Upper Levels Highway connects the district with ferries from Horseshoe Bay to Howe Sound and Vancouver Island before it becomes the Sea-to-Sky route that leads to Whistler. A range of amenities and natural features abound in West Van, from the beaches and marinas along the shores of Burrard Inlet and Howe Sound, to the hiking trails and ski areas on Hollyburn Ridge and Cypress Mountain (2010 Winter Olympics venue). The district’s dramatic topography is one of its defining characteristics with the rugged shoreline, steep terrain, and numerous creeks and watercourses.

Although a 25-block strip of Marine Drive serves as a commercial hub, West Van is mainly a residential district. All of West Vancouver is situated on the side of the Coast Mountains, and as such, many homes have unobstructed views of Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and/or Howe Sound. West Vancouver has long enjoyed a privileged status where the affluent British Pacific Properties has been building since the 1930s.

Yardstick actively serves numerous West Vancouver businesses in varied industries, employing best practices in order to develop robust websites and execute cost-effective digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

Give us an opportunity to earn your trust. We guarantee to provide you with some valuable insights about your website, competition or target market before we even ask for your business. If you are looking for support, have any questions about web design or any of our services, we can help. Let’s start a conversation.

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