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Nobody likes a pesky bug. Sure, you can easily shoo or squash an insect, but removing a bug in a website, which consists of a code and a database, is best handled by skilled developers. We’re experts at tracing the source of bugs in WordPress websites and implementing solutions based on over a decade of researched and documented best-practices.

Debugging is performed to detect where the error is occurring, or has occurred, in order to resolve it. We will identify and rectify issues utilizing a multitude of debugging tools to make certain your website maintains its optimal functionality and looks dynamic on all current browsers and devices.

Web Technologies

The world of web is an ever-changing environment and is rarely static. Elements of websites are always evolving and as a result there is a lot of opportunity for small things to stop working.

Today’s websites typically leverage dozens of plugins or bits of code developed independently of one another that work in tandem to produce one product, which can include: the structure of the site, the style of the site, the functionality of the site, and elements like imagery and mobile formatting.

These different web technologies are what make the web development process possible. Over the course of time, various pieces of technology used for website development, such as content management systems (CMSs) and plugins, get upgraded. They are separate assets within your website that are often updated independently of one another. Unfortunately, they are often updated without consideration for how they integrate with the CMS, theme or other plugins. This is the most common source of bugs in today’s websites.

Human Interaction

At the same time all these technologies are evolving and being updated, small business owners are also interacting with their website. Ideally, business owners are installing updates as they are made available, which we encourage. This helps keep sites secure. However, it’s not uncommon that additions and changes, such as uploading new images, can affect the formatting or the look and feel of a given page of your website. Unwittingly, mistakes happen. Even when you try your best to manage your own site, you may not be able to maintain the level of professionalism that you desire. We can help you.

Debugging Your Website

Yardstick will detect and remove bugs from your website including:

  • Cross browser issues
  • Problems with forms
  • Misdirected and broken links
  • Misspelling/grammar issues or general content structure
  • Incorrect URL structure or page titles
  • Responsive web formatting (how your site should respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation, i.e. mobile devices)
  • General formatting and layout issues

Yardstick takes care of debugging at no additional charge for all of our Maintenance & Support clients. In many cases, we fix these issues before our clients even know they exist. Otherwise, all you have to do is report the problem and we’ll fix it. We will respond within 24 hours and will resolve any reported bugs as soon as possible, and contact you once we have fixed the problem.

If you have any questions related to debugging, or are interested in more information about our Maintenance & Support package, please send us an email or give us a call: 604.474.3631.


Web Design


We combine creativity and usability with the latest best-practices for performance and security to create websites that achieve specific business goals.

Digital Marketing


We develop digital marketing strategies and execute campaigns to increase the number of leads and sales generated by our clients’ websites.

Maintenance & Support

& Support

We maximize the security and performance of websites by combining best-in-class applications with over a decade of researched best-practices.