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Backing up your website’s data means making a duplicate of the website files and database. Without copies of your important files and data, you run the risk of a major setback to your website and business; you’ll not only lose prospective visitors but potential revenue too.

Four Website Backup Recommendations for Business Owners:

1. Protect Your Files And Take Steps To Backup Your Site

  • It’s not uncommon for us to hear of a business that doesn’t make backups a regular practice. Small business owners usually have so much to worry about that their website is often a low priority and they don’t pay attention to these critical details.
  • In rare instances, a server can sometimes retrieve missing files. However, this process can be complicated, comes at a substantial cost, and should not be relied upon if disaster strikes.

2. Schedule Backups On A Regular Basis

  • Small business owners might occasionally backup their website manually — when they remember, or they might schedule it too infrequently; ideally backups should be conducted daily, or once a week at a minimum.

3. Keep Your Backup Files Off-Site To Ensure Safety

  • Small business owners will often store backup files on the same server as their website. But if the server goes down, all of your backups go down with it.
  • The best practice is to store your backup files remotely, somewhere separate from the website, where they won’t be affected by anything that happens to the website’s server. That way if you lose data to a disaster, you can be confident knowing you can retrieve your information.

4. Test Backups Regularly

  • Always ensure you have tested your files; a backup is useless if it cannot be restored correctly. If your site goes down, be certain you are able to restore it from a backup file as quickly as possible.

Yardstick Provides Its Clients With Peace Of Mind

With our Maintenance & Support package we offer you the benefit of knowing that we take care of all the details concerning your website backup. You can be assured that your files are being protected so you won’t waste precious work time with needless worry.

  • Every client’s site on our Maintenance & Support plan is backed up on a regular basis.
  • All of the backup files we create are stored independently of our website hosting on secure, reliable, and reputable cloud storage providers.
  • If anything disastrous should happen, we have the ability to restore your site quickly and efficiently, within a matter of minutes.
  • We provide multiple restore points and can return your site to an existing backup from a number of different versions if needed.

The purpose of our Maintenance & Service package is to provide you with comprehensive prevention and protection from data loss. Our top priority is keeping your business website safe. Think of it as life insurance for your website. It’s more cost effective to keep your irreplaceable data backed up regularly, than to pay expensive fees to retrieve lost files in the event of disaster.

If you are not currently backing up your website, or are experiencing challenges with your website backups, we can take care of safeguarding your data. If you have any questions or are looking for support, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call: 604.474.3631.


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