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Get Proven Results with SEO Best Practices

It’s our business to help your business succeed. We’ll create a comprehensive SEO (search engine optimization) strategy and identify the best way to gain maximum exposure for your business and help grow it to the next level.

SEO is a means of getting ranked higher on Google so your customers can find your services and products that are most important to them. High page rankings speak to your relevance and credibility to your target audience. This organic traffic is the best way to generate leads and effectively convert clicks into customers.

How to Get Google Rankings

We perform SEO practices with an eye on first page rankings. Google receives 34,000 searches per second, over 100 billion searches per month, which Google rounds to three billion per day.

Your ranking will depend on a number of factors (there are a approximately 200, actually), which is a carefully guarded Google secret. Some are more important than others, like the frequency of site updates and the number and quality of inbound links, plus factors in your website (in-site) and more critically, factors off your website (off-site).

In-Site SEO: All the factors we can control in the website, which include page description, content and keywords.

Off-Site SEO: Most important are the factors controlled by web users, for example, a five-star review on your Google map listing is really strong for local rankings, so too are page likes, and users sharing your content; link building is about getting other websites to link to yours. These factors indicate to Google that you’re either an authority or fairly significant and should rank higher.


We use SEO to build trust with your audience and embed your brand in Google with keyword targeting and a link-building strategy.

Our SEO Process

  • Keyword Research: We identify keyword phrases that have a reasonable search volume within your target market that align with the products and services your business offers.
  • Competitive Research: We examine existing websites already ranked for each of these phrases to determine the difficulty to gain a solid ranking.
  • Keyword Strategy: We select a small list of target phrases with a reasonable search volume and a relatively low-level of competition.
  • Measure and Refine: We configure Google Analytics to measure the results of our efforts to show how well your website is performing.

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