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How To Improve Open And Click-Through Rates

No one wants a friend who doesn’t call when promised, or just as annoying, one who calls too often (no matter how well-intentioned), especially when they don’t say anything new or of interest to you.

The same holds true for your e-newsletter. Yardstick Services can help you create and manage your email newsletters to be a welcome, indispensable friend. In other words, one that adheres to your mailing schedule, maintains the frequency your subscribers expect, includes fresh content of value, and segments the market. The more you segment, the more you can target your message; the more you target your message, the more likely you are to get conversions.

Successful Email Newsletters

A successful e-newsletter is one of the best ways to stay in front of your existing clients, reach out to potential markets, and drive traffic to your website. A good campaign obtains a 30% open rate. We can help your business create an e-newsletter that gets read and avoids spam filters.

The anatomy of a good e-newsletter is 90% educational and 10% promotional. If you answer a question and solve a problem, you’ll have subscribers who will continue to read your content. If you use e-newsletters exclusively to communicate promotions or sales without providing any real value, readers will drop off.

In order to grow your subscribers and spread your message, we encourage you to give something of value to your customers; inherently you will get more subscribers.

With a successful e-newsletter, you can keep in contact with your customers, promote new services or products, and keep your company in the forefront of your subscriber’s minds.

Checklist to Build a Successful E-Newsletter Campaign

  • Audience: Define your target audience and create an invite list of people you’d like to introduce to your e-newsletter
  • Content: Decide the scope of your content and how you plan to provide value to your subscribers beyond promotions and marketing
  • Design: Use a provider such as MailChimp (more than 8 million people use MailChimp) and design a branded e-newsletter template that aligns with your web branding and includes all your desired features
  • Calendar: Set a target for how often you want your e-newsletter to be published and who is responsible for the delivery and execution of each element
  • Publish: Send your newsletter out to your mailing list, post it to your blog, and circulate it on your social media channels
  • Measure: Beyond MailChimp’s default reporting, ensure Google Analytics is set correctly so you can fully track the effectiveness of each e-newsletter

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