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Social Media Coaching

Connection is key (sure, your Wi-Fi too), but relationship building and connecting with your audience and ultimately your customers is the foundation for a long-lasting business partnership. We’ll help you create a strategy and build a plan to engage with your target audience through multiple channels.

# How To Leverage Your Social Media

Social media has given people more open and more selective ways of interacting. Where many businesses fail is when they choose to use social media as just another marketing channel. They send out promotions or share information without taking the time to build relationships.

We coach business owners on how to independently manage their social media channels. The great strength of social media is in its interactivity — we coach rather than manage because we don’t want to take over relationships that have evolved within your social media channels.

8 Steps to Your Social Media Success

  • We set up your social media accounts and define the overall strategy first.
  • Our social media coaching engagement process ensures that your social media exposure is tailored to your business’ goals.
  1. Identify People: Define your audience. Whom do you want to build relationships with (not all your customers use social media and those who do, determine if they will converse with you online).
  2. Sharable Content: Decide on content and subjects to discuss or posts that are relevant to your target audience so people will engage, like you, or reply. Your social media posts should contain informative and engaging content that keeps people following you.
  3. Choose Channels: Decide what social media networks are appropriate and align with your brand.
  4. Configuration and Branding: Set up your pages and invest some time to make certain the channels supports your website’s information and branding. Confirm connections between channels and your blog are setup.
  5. Develop Content: The best social media users create discussions around their own content. If you have a blog, then the addition of social media can follow suit. Otherwise, you we can help you think creatively about how to create discussion around third part content.
  6. Post and Discuss: Determine the time you’ll invest (daily or weekly) in each of your channels and what you will be doing with that time.
  7. Measure Results: Creatively define a number of ways that you can measure the benefits of your social media efforts beyond simply sales or revenue.
  8. Content Calendar: Knowing what to post and when to post it is part of the process; if required, we develop a calendar of activity for what you’ll execute next.


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