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Online Advertising

Online advertising is eating up more and more of the marketing pie to the point where some businesses rely solely on Adword ads to generate leads. We are experts at managing ad campaigns across a range of channels to help businesses reach their target audience as cost-effectively as possible. And we absolutely love combining ad campaigns with remarketing, landing pages and A/B testing to maximize the ROI for our clients.

How Pay-Per-Click Ads Help Build Your Online Marketing

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective online marketing model to drive traffic to your website and generate visitors immediately. As the advertiser, essentially you are buying visits to your site, rather than earning visits naturally. It’s the fundamental concept of PPC. However, you only pay (the search engine) when people click on your ad.

Yardstick Services can help your small business use the power of online advertising to measure the success of your marketing.

Your goal is to garner more buyers from clicks to your ads. We will ensure your PPC campaign is well designed to optimize your conversion rate. Conversions are an essential measuring tool to judge the success of each individual PPC campaign.

Why PPC Is Right For Your Small Business

Return On Investment

PPC ads can show great returns for a small business, and even better, a small PPC advertising campaign can provide you with unprecedented data about the demographics and search volumes within your target market. PPC can be extremely effective for small budgets.

As an optimal advertising tool, PPC ads will test content and combinations of words and phrases. We can design tests to measure if you’re increasing relevance of keywords to ad copy to landing pages.

A typical PCC advertising campaign will require an investment of a few hundred dollars to garner a handful of leads, which may only convert into one new sale. So, you need to be able to justify a cost of acquiring a new sale at that level. If you can justify the investment, then we can help you ensure you are maximizing the return on your investment.

How To Make Pay-Per-Click Work For You

Through our discussions and keyword research we can help you put your ad in front of your target audience. We will continually monitor and refine to make sure that your online advertisement is working for you.

We’ll measure the performance of your ads and work with you to identify how much new business the ads have generated and at what level you should continue to invest in PCC advertising.

Contact Yardstick Services and let us help you develop your online marketing and measure your PCC success.


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