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Landing Pages

A landing page is a specific web page that is built to convert traffic into leads or sales. Some landing pages are designed to increase Google rankings, to encourage users to click on that page in the SERP and to maximize inquiries. Others are designed to maximize the conversion of paid traffic into leads or sales for a specific promotion. Whatever the goal, we can help design pages that minimize your cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale.

Why is a Landing Page Important?

Engage Your Target Audience

A landing page is a specific web page that lives separately from your website, built to convert traffic into leads, which appears in response to an online ad or search engine result.

Your business can generate more leads with a focused and well-designed landing page, with customized information that matches the topic advertised or searched. It can be a promotion or an offer that has a specific call to action.

Landing Pages Focus On Conversion

With our proven track record, Yardstick Services creates effective landing pages built to drive traffic that converts. Landing pages focus on one thing: converting visitors into leads. A landing page is void of all navigation and extra links so there is only one single action for your visitors to take.

We will build landing pages that allow you greater control to direct visitors and help them find what they’re looking for much more quickly. Your audience wants to take the quickest action possible to get results.

Before you begin an advertising campaign, we will work with you to create a landing page to capture the leads you generate. We will help identify opportunities for your campaign whether it’s a special or interesting offer, a seasonal promotion or purely information; we’ll make it simple for your audience to find you.

Click Your Call To Action

An effective landing page will engage a segmented audience and focus on their needs. The page will tell them where they are, why it’s an advantage for them to be there and what they need to do to find out more. It’s simple, targeted and completely tailored to your one call to action.

3 Benefits Of A Landing Page

An easy and efficient way to maximize your ROI for each customer Increase lead generation to drive sales figures Collect important data for future marketing campaigns

Contact Yardstick Services to help you benefit from a targeted landing page that will engage users with useful relevant content and funnel visitors down a desired pathway, further into your site.


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