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Digital Marketing


Vanex, or the Vancouver Executives Association is the oldest business networking group in Vancouver, established in the 1920s.

The Challenge

Vanex approached us in the early 2010’s with an extremely outdated website that not only looked bad, but was very difficult to manage. As an organization aimed at high-profile executives and business owners, they wanted a website that would reflect the skills, experience, and professionalism of their organization and their membership.

The Solution

We utilized a lot of the content and imagery on the existing website, and re-applied it in an updated website design that was more functional, better-looking, and all-around easier to use and navigate.

We implemented website features that, at the time the website was built, were desired and reflected Vanex’s forward-thinking, tech-savvy values.

The Results

The website we built for Vanex has lasted the organization nearly a decade. With the sturdy features we built into it, it’s still simple for the organization’s executive director to update and manage, so Vanex is able to manage their content independently.