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Digital Marketing

Uncharted Kite Sessions

Uncharted Kite Sessions is a kite-surfing operation based in the Dominican Republic. The owner is originally from Winnipeg.

The Challenge

Uncharted is a long-time client of ours. We originally met the owner through a consultant for sports-related businesses.

Uncharted Kite Sessions has a relatively narrow target audience — the business is aimed not at people who are new to kite surfing, but rather at experienced kite surfers who are looking to level up their skills. The owner has relationships with a number of leading professionals in the sport, so a lot of his business involves connecting these professionals with people who want to learn from them. He wanted a website that would target mostly young, adventurous people who already had some experience with kite surfing.

The existing website didn’t do a great job of reaching that audience, and it also wasn’t very easy for him to manage or update. He wanted a site that he could manage independently.

The Solution

We built a beautiful new site using a content management system that allows Uncharted’s owner to effectively edit his course offerings, content, current videos, and website imagery, and showcase current offerings and activities.

The Results

With the help of the new website, Uncharted Kite Sessions’ business has grown enough to allow its owner to purchase real estate in the Dominican — thus enabling him to run his business out of specific locations where he can have a more permanent presence. Despite the pandemic’s effect on tourism and travel, the business is still going strong.

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