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Digital Marketing

Twin Lions

Twin Lions is a renovation company located in North Vancouver, BC. They specialize in high-end home renovations and commercial renovations within the North Shore.

The Challenge

When Twin Lions approached us about rebuilding their website, we had our work cut out for us. Their existing site had been built on a shoestring budget and lacked a lot of functionality. The aesthetic was not professional, and in general it just didn’t convey the quality of work that Twin Lions was producing. At the time, the company was already working on six and seven-figure renovations and they needed a website that better reflected the level their business was at.

The Solution

We updated Twin Lions’ site to version 2.0, which was a cleaner, more functional site that most importantly featured a beautiful project gallery that allowed prospective clients to browse the company’s completed projects and get a feel for their work.

The company’s original website was hacked during the building of 2.0, so we worked to re-secure the domain and prevent any further security breaches in conjunction with realizing the front-end design.

A few years after 2.0 went live, Twin Lions decided to revamp their website with us again. Website 3.0 is set to launch in early 2021.

The Results

Since we first began working with them, Twin Lions has become a world-renowned renovation company. Even through the pandemic, their business has remained strong. They rely mainly on word-of-mouth advertising, and so the website is not often a client’s first introduction to the company. We’ve ensured that clients who are already interested in working with Twin Lions are convinced by the beautiful, high-quality photo galleries and professional yet approachable website design.