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Digital Marketing


Thinkspace is an architectural firm based in Surrey, BC.

The Challenge

Thinkspace initially approached us through Karley Cunningham of Big Bold Brand. Karley had worked with Thinkspace to design the site, and it was then our job to build the website to match those designs as closely as possible. The client needed a competent team who could realize those designs precisely — down to the pixel.

An additional challenge for us with this client was that Thinkspace had been operating for a number of years under a different name — Graham Hoffart Mathiasen Architects. Their existing website was optimized to show up in search results for that name, and so we also had to consider how to rebrand and rebuild their site without losing the existing search rankings.

The Solution

Initially, Graham Hoffart Mathiasen rebranded as “Think-Space,” and so we rebuilt the website to match that domain, and to fit the exact specifications of Karley’s design. We were careful to transfer all of the SEO and Google indexing, and maintained the firm’s ranking across that initial rebrand, and again across the subsequent rebrand to Thinkspace.

The Results

Two subsequent changes of domains presented some technical challenges, but in the end the rebrand was a success and we were able to transfer the domain smoothly while maintaining traffic. A Google search for Graham Hoffart Mathiasen or GHMA Architects now brings up as the first result.