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Digital Marketing

Spot Solutions

Spot Solutions is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in custom software and Microsoft SharePoint solutions for corporations.

The Challenge

Spot Solutions wanted to grow their business and market their software and SharePoint services to a targeted audience. They were looking for a marketing campaign that would generate leads from businesses of a specific size, and in specific regions — namely, in Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary, where Spot Solutions has office locations.

At the time, Spot Solutions had an existing Google Ads campaign centred on text-based ads. The ads were managed in-house, but the results of that campaign weren’t quite what they wanted or expected.

The Solution

We started by analyzing the existing campaign to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Based on our findings, we recommended a re-marketing campaign for Spot Solutions. The existing text ads were driving a small amount of traffic, but it was not optimized.

Our first step was to optimize those text ads so they’d drive more traffic at a lower cost. Once the existing ads were improved, we built landing pages for each of the services that Spot Solutions was hoping to market, testing a few variations of each landing page to determine which designs generated the most conversions. After gathering data and determining which landing pages were the most effective, we built and tested an improved selection of ads, combining the most effective Google ads with the most effective landing pages to maximize desirable traffic.

The Results

Our improved Google Ads campaign worked wonders for Spot Solutions. Their costs per conversion went down significantly, while the number of conversions increased in each of the company’s target markets. Business remains steady for Spot Solutions as more corporations seek custom software solutions and SharePoint training to better serve their remote work models during the COVID-19 pandemic.