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Digital Marketing


SlipTube is a company that specializes in custom, non-permanent sheds, shelters, and greenhouses. They serve a variety of industries including agriculture, construction and filmmaking.

The Challenge

The versatile nature of SlipTube’s products means that the company is often dealing with a wide range of clients with different areas of knowledge. There are a lot of variables to consider when determining how to position their products relative to the competition, and how to time certain products and messages with the changing seasons. SlipTube needed a website with a design that encouraged conversions while providing them the ability to measure their marketing effectiveness in terms of cost per lead.

The Solution

For SlipTube’s diverse needs, we came up with a simple, streamlined solution. The new SlipTube website is clean, beautiful, and mobile-friendly. A key feature for SlipTube’s site design are the highly visible and simplified product galleries. Sample images of assembled products are large and clearly numbered so that someone working outdoors can easily view the mobile site and order a product by its number. SlipTube often reports getting inquiries where the customer simply says “I want a number 3”.

After the website was redesigned, we further helped SlipTube by designing and launching a digital marketing campaign leveraging Google Ads, content production, and SEO.

The Results

The focus on minimal branding and streamlined information has made it much easier for SlipTube’s target audience to communicate with the company, which in turns generates more sales conversions.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketing campaign continues to bring in lots of traffic for the company, and their cost per acquisition remains low. So much so that SlipTube has expanded into a new facility that allows for increased storage of raw materials and production volumes.