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Sharp Business Plans

Sharp Business Plans is a BC-based company that writes business plans for entrepreneurs and startups in various industries.

The Challenge

When we first met Sharp Business Plans owner, Barry Sharp, he had numerous websites, one for each of the many different business plan writing services he offered. The brand was fragmented and he wasn’t getting the results or engagement he wanted from his target audience. He needed to retool his messaging and ad campaign and build a more effective brand.

The Solution

To help consolidate Barry’s many services, we brought in a third-party branding expert on a consulting basis. Originally, Barry’s company was amalgamated under AMA Management Ltd., which soon became Sharp Business Plans.

In the process of building the website, Yardstick created 301 redirects for every single page of the company’s formerly fragmented and numerous websites, allowing Barry to retain the existing SEO and traffic that he had worked to build, while making it easier for him to further improve his rankings. We incorporated Barry’s knowledge-leading content into the new site as well, lending his brand a lot more clout and authority.

The Results

With the improved website, branding, and SEO strategy, Sharp Business Plans shows up at the top of Google’s search results for a variety of related search terms. The improved rankings came at an advantageous time, as Sharp Business Plans was able to capitalize on the business boom that resulted from cannabis legalization in Canada (since cannabis growers and sellers are required by law to have a business plan).

Barry is a long-time client of Yardstick, and with the help of our services he’s been able to develop his business to the point where he makes a stable income with minimal effort on his part.

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