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Digital Marketing

Reliable Wheel

Reliable Wheel is a BC-based supplier of tire presses, jacks, stands, and associated products used in the maintenance of heavy industrial vehicles. The company serves engineers and mechanics in fields such as mining and forestry.

The Challenge

Reliable wheel has been a Yardstick client for multiple generations. The original business owner, Ron, hired us to build the company’s first website. When Ron’s son Cameron took a leading role in the business, he was looking for a more robust website — something with a modern look and feel that would function well on mobile devices. The company sells to a niche market, with customers frequently arriving in search of a very specific part, and they needed their website to cater to that niche.

Cameron needed a site that would showcase Reliable Wheel’s products in a way that allowed users to see which parts fit with which machines — a simple interface that would appeal to engineers looking to repair an existing piece of machinery rather than purchase a whole new machine.

The Solution

The latest version of the Reliable Wheel website is optimized for mobile. It has a parts catalogue that allows users to view a certain product, and see what components fit with which machines. Another key feature of the updated website is that it allows the owners of Reliable Wheel to manage their parts catalogue without having to know any code — we set up a system wherein images and parts pages can easily be added or switched out, further streamlining the company’s workflow.

The Results

In an industry with a significant amount of competition for online rankings, Reliable Wheel continues to do good business. The website is highly functional and easy to navigate, both for the company owners and for their clients. The website now represents a strong framework that will allow for continued refinements of the site’s SEO and rankings.