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Web Design for e-Learning

P6 Consulting

P6 Consulting is a Vancouver-based consulting business that trains corporate teams and employees on Oracle Primavera P6 software, a project and portfolio management software used by large enterprises and utilities.

The Challenge

The current owner of P6 consulting, Tracy, inherited the business from her previous boss upon his retirement. At the time, the website felt a bit “old” — the branding and aesthetic were dated, and the user interface was badly structured and not functional. While Tracy had a sizable existing client base thanks to the well-established nature of the business, she couldn’t use the site to sell training courses or attract new leads. It wasn’t on-brand, and it wasn’t on-message.

The Solution

Shortly after inheriting the business and the website, Tracy decided to rebrand. She wanted to make sure that her company’s online presence accurately represented the quality of services that she was providing to her clients.

We built her a completely new website that allowed her to generate revenue via site transactions, as well as provide access to training materials and courses. In the process, we reduced clutter by getting rid of content and courses that were no longer relevant to the current needs of the business’ clients. All this was done without sacrificing the domain authority and rankings of the old website. The existing traffic was redirected, and the new website gained even more rankings and traffic for a set of niche phrases.

The Results

P6 Consulting launched its new website long before COVID-19, maintaining strong working relationships with existing clients, and building new ones. Because of her strong web presence, Tracy has been able to sustain her business at a healthy level even through the pandemic. The updated site makes it easy for P6 to sell their courses and make training materials available to customers.

  • I am truly grateful that the Yardstick team has been instrumental in the successful launch of my new elearning. I appreciate your patience, flexibility and expertise to make my vision into reality. I look forward to many more years of working together.

    Tracy Mah