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Digital Marketing

OMNI College

OMNI College is a school that specializes in training international nurses who are immigrating to Canada, preparing them to pass local licensing exams and become qualified to work as nurses in Canada.

The Challenge

OMNI College needed help first and foremost with digital marketing. When they approached Yardstick, OMNI was working with a Google Ads campaign that was haphazardly set up, and poorly managed. The campaign was not configured to provide them with information on the number of inquiries, or costs per lead for students from different countries.

OMNI wanted to clean up their ad campaign and create a machine that would not only get conversions, but provide them with measurable conversion data so they could better manage their bottom line.

The existing website that we inherited was not set up for conversions. It was visually unappealing, slow, and crucially, not mobile-friendly — a problem, since mobile is the primary mode of access in many of the locations they wanted to target.

The Solution

First, Yardstick worked with OMNI to clean up the existing Google Ads campaign. A system was created which allowed the college to track conversions and gather accurate data about their costs per acquisition for students that were qualified to emigrate to Canada and begin training versus those that were not yet ready. We were able to discover which keywords were serving them best from an SEO standpoint, and improve the site’s ranking by following Google’s current best practices.

After several years of successful campaigns, OMNI decided to go ahead with a complete website redesign. We built a site that was full-width, and more visually appealing, with bright, welcoming photos of students and faculty. Based on conversion data gathered from the ad campaigns, we were able to add pages that improved engagement from audiences in key target regions.

The Results

The Google ads results for OMNI College were incredible. After a number of years of successful campaigns, OMNI was able to gather accurate conversion data, giving the college an in-depth understanding of their costs per acquisition, and how to maximize leads for nurses that are qualified and meet all the criteria to work in Canada.

The redesigned website is much more appealing from a visual standpoint. The full-width site gives OMNI a higher-quality presentation and continues to get great engagement and increased conversions from both organic and paid traffic.