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Digital Marketing

Mortgage Dave

Mortgage Dave is a mortgage broker based on the North Shore and working primarily with local clients.

The Challenge

The existing Mortgage Dave website was visibly dated. The site was not full-width, but instead had a side-column setup. There were a few calls to action on the site, but they were designed in a way that was not very attention-grabbing. Overall, the website simply didn’t give the impression that Dave was at the top of his game.

Dave approached us looking for help with updating and polishing the look and feel of the website. He wanted a fresher appearance, and a website that would showcase his business as current and up-to-date. He also wanted to ensure that the calls to action were highly visible to garner more engagement.

The Solution

Yardstick inherited Dave’s original WordPress website, and took on the task of updating and maintaining it. The first order of business was to redesign the website to make it full-width and highly responsive. The development team created a website interface that was correctly sized on all screens and optimized for all devices. The calls to action on Dave’s website were also redesigned to make them highly visible, and allow potential leads to easily email, text, or call Dave.

A final change that was implemented was to make links to Dave’s social media much more prominent on the website, as Dave’s involvement with the North Shore community is more evident on his active Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. All these website updates were completed without drastic changes to the website’s architecture.

The Results

Dave’s updated website is visually appealing and easier for clients (both new and existing) to navigate. With more visible calls to action, and better connections to Dave’s active social media presence, the website presents Mortgage Dave as one of the leading mortgage brokers on the North Shore, at a level that reflects the quality of service he provides.

Early results showed that Dave’s updated website was working to convert more leads into sales, and the renewed functionality and design will continue to do so for years to come.