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Millwerks is a North Shore company that specializes in quality millworking and cabinetry.

The Challenge

Millwerks is a subsidiary company to Twin Lions — they supply custom cabinetry and other woodworking products needed for Twin Lions and other renovation companies. Millwerks prides itself on using cutting edge technologies to create intricate, precise woodworking projects that still have a handmade feel. They needed a website that not only reflected the technical quality of their work, but that also positioned them as clearly connected to Twin Lions.

The Solution

Our design for Millwerks’ website has a modern, “high-tech” aesthetic that helps to emphasize the company’s focus on new technologies and solutions for complex millworking projects. The site also features a gallery of recent projects to showcase their work. The design was created so that we could have a sister-company look for both Millwerks and Twin Lions, while maintaining their identity as separate businesses and brands

The Results

Though the website just launched in early 2021, it’s already getting significant traffic and helping to grow not only Millwerks, but Twin Lions as well.

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