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Manning Elliott

Manning Elliott is an accounting firm that serves the BC lower mainland. They are a well-established business with a great website, but they had a unique challenge for our web development team.
Manning Elliott

The Challenge

Manning Elliott approached us in early 2023 with a website development task. Their existing site looked great and was totally functional from a user perspective. The problem was that it was built in Drupal, an older CMS that is dying out in all but a few niche industries. While Drupal has some advantages over WordPress in terms of integrations, the problem is that there are very few working web developers that know how to use it, and editing it demands a level of technical expertise that the average in-house marketing team simply doesn’t have.

Because of this, Manning Elliott was basically stuck with all of the existing content on their website, as the cost of updating content while remaining in Drupal would have been quite high. They wanted to keep the visual design and architecture of their existing site, and so they tasked us with rebuilding the entire website in WordPress.

The Solution

We rose to Manning Elliott’s challenge, recreating their site from scratch in WordPress. Along the way, we were also able to clean up some of the code and add efficiencies that made the new website run even smoother than the old one. 

We also taught their internal marketing team how to manage and update website content in WordPress so that they could easily handle updates in-house.

The Results

Manning Elliott’s internal team is now able to maintain full creative control over their website, and update content as needed. They’re much happier, and the firm is able to save a great deal of time and money now that they no longer need to hire consultants to make minor website changes. 

The firm also has a sister site for their advisory business (Manning Elliott Advisory). Both sites are now performing better on Google because of the work we did to speed up the site and remove inconsistencies that were affecting their SEO.

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