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Website Design

Levitt Communications

Levitt Communications is a consultancy business run by Dr. Gail Levitt — a consultant, leadership specialist, mentor, public speaker, and author. Dr. Levitt helps people in organizations develop their leadership skills.

The Challenge

Dr. Levitt is another client who was referred to us by Karley Cunningham of Big Bold Brand. Karley did a brilliant job of designed a robust website that needed to reflect the quality and scope of Dr. Levitt’s work. But, she needed to make sure the site that was built matched the approved designs. So, she called on us to help.

Levitt Communications serves some fairly high-profile academic and corporate clients. When Dr. Levitt approached Karley, she was working with a sub-par website that looked like it was built by a very inexperienced designer. Karley did a great job of designing a site that would reach those high-profile clients, but that also conveyed Dr. Levitt’s energy and joie de vivre. It was then our job to build a functional website that matched the approved designs and maintained that positive energy.

The Solution

The site we built was designed to tackle Levitt Communications’ multiple revenue streams (consulting, speaking, books, etc). The build was also a bit complicated due to the number of elements and page layouts required.

So, we also had to make sure the website was serving the different types of people that Dr. Levitt wanted to reach. After the initial launch, we’ve continued working with Dr. Levitt on and off to make adjustments to the website and its content in order to showcase her area of focus at a given time.

The Results

The website was completed a few years ago, but we’ve continued to have open communication with Dr. Levitt to help her while her business model shifts. The existing website does a great job of communicating Dr. Levitt’s expertise and experience, and reaching target audiences in a variety of different industries.

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