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Digital Marketing

JDS Mining

JDS Mining is a mining company with offices in Canada, USA, and Mexico.

The Challenge

JDS was referred to us because they needed their website designed and rebuilt. Their existing website was outdated and didn’t effectively speak to their customers and audience. They were looking for a website that would reflect the distinct operational areas of their business model and that would reach an industrial audience.

The Solution

We started by developing version 2.0 of the JDS mining website, which improved JDS’ online presence and better reflected their business model. Shortly after that website launched, the business evolved, and the company acquired another business called Cariboo Rail. We built a website for Cariboo Rail under the oversight of JDS. Concurrent with the launch of the Cariboo website, we updated the JDS website to version 3.0, giving it a fresh look and feel that would emphasize it as the parent brand to Cariboo Rail, giving the sites a similar look and feel under the parent brand.

The Results

The website redesign went great, and JDS’ business model has continued to evolve past that point. Over the years the company has branched out to many different business units as well as acquiring other businesses. To accommodate the variety of different business models, we built, a parent website that consolidates all of JDS’ professional activities into one beautiful and intuitive online presence. This website has allowed JDS to maintain their existing traffic while reaching new audiences.

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