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IYT Worldwide

IYT Worldwide is the global authority for yacht training. As an organization, IYT Worldwide develops training programs and curricula for yachting schools and instructors around the world, who then deliver standardized training to captains and crew.

The Challenge

The training provided by IYT Worldwide is world-class and approved by governments around the globe. When the organization approached us, however, they were working with a sub-par website — minimally functional, not aesthetically pleasing, and certainly not reflective of the brand’s value. The company founder, Mark Fry, had spent years traveling around the world and talking to various governing bodies to help develop standardized yacht training that would be acceptable in national and international waters. He recognized that the company’s website needed to be world-class.

The Solution

In the early 2000s, we built a robust website that vastly improved the company’s online presence and image, and got them to where they needed to be at that time. That website lasted them a few years, and then Mark and his wife Jennifer decided to update it again, this time with a different company.

A few years later, IYT realized that the website they’d had built by the other company was not serving their needs. They were struggling to reach their intended audience, and with the business having grown over the years, their website was no longer reflective of the quality and scope of the work they were doing. They came back to Yardstick and asked us to redo their website again.

The second website that we built for them is highly professional, with a robust navigation system. It’s also visually beautiful, with high-quality images that evoke the fun and excitement of boating.

The Results

IYT Worldwide’s current website is highly functional, with an aesthetic that balances excitement with world-class quality. Not only does the current website reflect the importance and scope of the company’s programs — it also demonstrates the advantage of long-term, trust-based relationships between clients and website developers.

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