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With every business there are times when owners and managers feel stretched too thin, burnt out, or stuck in a rut. Incrementa is a business strategy consulting firm that helps business owners and teams fall back in love with their companies, and get unstuck from these types of challenges. Incrementa has a small team, but the majority of the work is done by the lead coach, Mike.

The Challenge

Mike’s biggest challenge with growing a successful business consultancy was that there are so many others out there. He needed a way to differentiate Incrementa from all the other consultants and coaches competing in the field.

One of the key ways that Incrementa sets itself apart from the competition is that they have a particular understanding of issues around team cohesion and internal culture. They also specialize in helping businesses that have been spinning their wheels year over year get back on a growth trajectory. Mike has developed a progression-based approach to helping businesses with these types of issues.

The Solution

In talking to Mike and doing SERP research we found that, while there are many consulting businesses out there, very few are doing a good job of ranking for phrases related to business strategy coaching. There were only 2 or 3 ranked businesses that were local to Vancouver, with the majority of results being major firms and well-known consultants from the U.S.

Mike is a business coach – he does not like being referred to as a consultant. But ultimately, we found that he was doing himself a disservice by not capitalizing on “consultant” as a keyword, since “consultant” was getting a much higher search volume than “coach”.

We retooled the Incrementa website and optimized it for specific keywords, such as “business consultant” We’ve also worked closely with Mike to create articles and other content that get him traffic for longtail keyword phrases.

The Results

After working with us to develop more targeted content, Mike is on the first page of Google results for a number of high-volume keyword phrases. He can continue to position himself as a coach, and he does rank for the term “business coach” as well, but he gets the most search traffic for the word “consultant”. Importantly, he draws in more business from clients who are searching for a consultant when they actually need a coach. 

Incrementa now brings in a stable amount of traffic and Mike has a regular influx of new clients keeping him booked up many months in advance. He’s able to grow his business in turn, and attract larger and higher-paying business clients.

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