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Web Design

Fluent Motion

Fluent Motion is a consulting business that specializes in environmental and occupational health and safety. They train corporations and industrial stakeholders on health and safety protocols.

The Challenge

Fluent Motion came to us with an older website that didn’t look appropriately professional for the types of clients that the business owner, Jennifer, would usually serve. As a consultant, she needed her website to be the first impression for many of her clients, and she wasn’t proud of how her current website was coming across.

The Solution

We did a lot of research and worked with Fluent Motion to figure out how we could convey their branding and their message. We ultimately landed on a design that looks professional without being too dry and corporate. The overall look and feel of the site is a little on the lighter side, with more colour than just the generic “corporate blue” — but it’s balanced, and still looks very respectable and businesslike. The site also has a warm and fun personality which aligns very well with their corporate culture and style.

The Results

From what we know, Fluent Motion has been doing very well. The website has allowed them to serve more/larger clients while also capitalizing on unexpected opportunities relating to supplying PPE (face masks, shields, gloves, etc.) during COVID. The website conveys the professional quality of her consulting business and makes a great impression on existing and future clients.

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