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A Slick Site for a Niche B2B Business


Ecolighten is a business structured around fulfillment programs for governments that want to promote energy-efficiency. The company also has a second arm that specializes in home performance design.

The Challenge

When we first began working with Ecolighten, the owner was still working on figuring out the business’ overall direction. We built the first iteration of the website to suit that startup model.

A few years later, Ecolighten had solidified the two separate arms of its business model — 1) planning and management of energy efficiency programs for governments and utilities and; 2) home performance design services. As the business evolved, the first website we built no longer accurately conveyed the core services offered to their niche audiences. Given the specialized nature of the services on offer, the website needed to explain their value proposition to these niche audiences in a way that wasn’t too technical but also wasn’t too general. In additional, the owner wanted a website for Ecolighten that would properly represent their brand which serves utilities, municipalities as well as major home builders (all of whom have well established brands themselves).

The Solution

In the updated design, we included a lot of original content from the old website that we had first built, but we focused that content into two main streams, one primarily concerned with utility/government energy-efficiency initiatives, and one aimed at home builders with information about HVAC, heating, and mechanical design – aka. Home Performance Design.

This website is designed to educate and explain what Ecolighten’s services are and why the company exists. It isn’t aimed at educating the general public, but rather the specific decision-makers that Ecolighten does business with.

The Results

The current Ecolighten website is much easier to understand than its predecessor, and it showcases the business in the best way possible. This is a niche business with very little competition, so Ecolighten has carved out a nice space for themselves and have managed to grow their business quite significantly, from about 3 employees to nearly a dozen.