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David Watts

How we helped David Watts Notary Public merge two websites and improve organic performance by 53%
David Watts has been a Notary Public in downtown Vancouver since 2006.

The Challenge

Originally, David had two websites: his main business website, and a blog. He wanted a single, cohesive website where his business and blog posts could be featured. When David came to us he was getting pretty good search rankings already, thanks to his central location and the specific way that Google shows regional search results for certain terms, such as “notary”. David wanted a new and improved website that would maintain the traffic he was getting from his existing site, as well the traffic he was getting from his blog, for certain niche phrases.

The Solution

We developed a new website for David, and additionally, redirected all of his blog articles to his new site, while retaining the publish date and SEO for each individual page. A website development and SEO optimization strategy was executed in order to merge both sites and improve organic performance. The entire site was optimized for popular key phrases by our digital marketing team. Lastly, a series of 301 redirects was implemented from both the old site and the blog to ensure all traffic and as much domain authority as possible was passed along to the new site.

The Results

From a design perspective the site is now modernized with a professional feel and a fully integrated blog section. David is especially happy to have a design that is simple and easy for his clientele which are usually involved in time-sensitive transactions.

We were not only able to retain all of David’s existing traffic — in fact, traffic increased over 53% shortly after launch and has stayed strong over the years.

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