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Digital Marketing

Cove Advisors

Cove Advisors is a life insurance agency that specializes in continuity planning and insurance advising.

The Challenge

We were introduced to Cove Advisors via a third-party branding expert who had been working with them to develop their in-office and physical branding. She provided us with some website content and designs that had been pre-approved by Cove Advisors, and so our challenge was to build a website to meet those exacting specifications.

It was very important to Cove Advisors to have a website that they could manage independently, and make their own changes to as needed. So we incorporated that requirement into our designs as well.

The Solution

The Cove Advisors website was more of a collaborative effort than most of our other projects. We designed the site to be very easy for the company to alter as they saw fit, and they gave us a lot of input during the process. Even after launch, Cove has been able to make a number of their own changes to the site content and layout, while maintaining a general look and feel that is still professional and reflects the quality of their business.

The Results

Cove Advisors is happy to have a website that gives them full control of how they present themselves online, and we are proud to have been able to deliver that for them.