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Coniston is a well-established importer and distributor of glass and fenestration supplies for a range of purposes including housing and commercial developments, sporting facilities, and greenhouses. They have warehouses in Delta, BC and in Texas.

The Challenge

When Coniston came to us they had a single-page website. The business was doing well in spite of it, but the website was not ranking on Google, and it did not reflect the level of business that they were doing. There is currently not a lot of competition in the glass distribution industry, but Coniston wanted to grow their market share, and they knew that their website was not doing them any favours. They wanted a new website that would give users a good first impression of their business, and help them win over more clients.

The Solution

We built a visually sleek and highly informative new website for Coniston that reflects the level of their business both in looks and in functionality. The new website presents Coniston as knowledge leaders in the glass industry, and encourages interested clients to contact them to do business.

The Results

It was a lengthy process to get the new Coniston website fully built and launched. Even though the site was launched just a few months into the pandemic, it’s been a huge success. The last time we spoke with them, Consiton told us that they are so busy that they almost can’t keep up.

Coniston’s growth is due in part to the quality of their products and services, but it also wouldn’t have been possible with the website they were working with before. The updated site has been incredibly helpful for them in attracting more customers and landing sales.

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