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Web Design

CityStudio Vancouver

An industry leading website design that serves multiple audiences and stakeholders
CityStudio is an innovation hub that connects city staff and politicians with academics, students, and youth to create workshops and community programs within specific metropolitan areas. They began in Vancouver, but now manage programs in cities around the world.

The Challenge

When we first met with CityStudio they were operating with an old WordPress website that was built using a blogging template. It was unexciting, had very little imagery, and it wasn’t doing a great job of generating interest among members of their target audience.

They tasked us with creating a UI that was fun and had appropriate calls to action to draw people in. The main goal that CityStudio hoped to meet with their new website was to guide the right users to the right places.

The Solution

We are proud to say that CityStudio’s website is one of our best. The current site beautifully showcases all the organization’s projects and programs, along with engaging profiles of their various stakeholders and contributors.

The Results

With the help of a beautiful, functional website, CityStudio has been able to grow their business exponentially over the last decade. They’ve expanded their programs to reach cities around the world, proving that they have a replicable, adaptable model to foster community engagement.