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Digital Marketing

Cariboo Rail

Cariboo Rail specializes in repair and maintenance for private railways on industrial properties such as mines.

The Challenge

When Cariboo Rail was acquired by JDS Mining, their website was quite outdated and did not perform adequately to meet the needs of JDS’ acquisition strategy. As a part of the acquisition, JDS determined that Cariboo’s website needed to be revamped, and so JDS referred Cariboo to us.

The Solution

The Cariboo Rail site was built prior to version 3.0 of JDS, and served as a design base for the updated JDS site and the JDS Group site. The updated website for Cariboo Rail better represents the level of experience and expertise of the company, and features beautiful, high-quality images as well as a video with drone footage on the homepage. The end result is a website that not only provides visitors with the information they need, but that is highly visually engaging.

The Results

The Cariboo Rail website project was a success. Cariboo now has a website which is ranked very high on Google (in the number-one position for many industry-specific phrases). The new site accurately reflects the quality and scope of the work they do, and their website has served as the inspiration for what has since become a whole network and family of JDS websites.

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