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Non-Profit Website

Burnaby Hospital Foundation

The Burnaby Hospital Foundation is a nonprofit that assists with funding and operations for Burnaby Hospital.

The Challenge

Yardstick has been working with Burnaby Hospital Foundation for several years and across multiple website iterations. In the beginning, the Foundation sought out Yardstick to update their old website which was hosted on Joomla.

Later, the Foundation underwent internal changes and a new team decided they wanted to update the website again. This time Burnaby Hospital Foundation hired a third-party designer to provide visual designs, and we were tasked with building a functional website to match those pre-approved designs as closely as possible.

The Solution

We re-built the Burnaby Hospital Foundation website to exactly match the specified designs. The updated site was then migrated from Joomla to WordPress, where it is hosted today. Thanks in part to the smooth function of the website, the Burnaby Hospital Foundation has continued to bring in funding for the hospital throughout the pandemic.

The Results

The website has continued to perform well, and the Foundation is very happy with it. Yardstick continues to provide maintenance and security for the WordPress website, and we are proud to be supporting the important work of the Foundation during COVID-19.