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Digital Marketing

Bond Capital

Bond Capital is a private lending firm specializing in mezzanine debt financing. They primarily serve a market of established businesses looking for capital to fund strategic activities such as mergers and acquisitions.

The Challenge

Bond Capital wanted to update their website and make it look more modern and professional. In addition, because mezzanine debt is such a small niche in the world of finance, there’s not a lot of competition for search engine rankings. Bond Capital’s goal was to own that niche within the North American market, and ensure that their company showed up whenever someone Googled “mezzanine financing” or a related term.

The Solution

We built a beautiful website for Bond Capital, and we pulled out all the stops in our SEO strategy to capture as much traffic as possible from businesses looking for financing throughout Canada and the United States.

Bond Capital has been a client of ours for several years, and in that time Google’s algorithm has undergone multiple major changes. With each change, we were able to tweak Bond Capital’s SEO to maintain their high search engine rankings. The company is still ranked near the top of mezzanine financing results for all of North America.

The Results

Bond Capital’s business has grown exponentially thanks in no small part to the work of the Yardstick team. Even many years after they first approached us, their site still looks and functions beautifully, and is ranked extremely well in search results for a variety of related terms. In the time we’ve worked together, Yardstick has also grown, and we remain very proud of the work we’ve done for Bond Capital.