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Digital Marketing


BKS Law is a law firm based in Surrey, BC.

The Challenge

We were initially approached by a consultant for BKS. At the time, they were paying a monthly fee for a cheap, basic website plan and an ad campaign. They weren’t especially happy with the website and the ad campaign wasn’t performing as well as they’d hoped. BKS were looking for a new service provider who could help them develop a more dynamic digital marketing campaign.

Our work with BKS started out as a conversation about their ad campaign, and eventually led to us building a new website for them.

The Solution

The scope of work for BKS Law was initially just the website. As we were working with them, the firm went through some changes, bringing on a new partner and dropping some of the legal services that they had formerly offered. We were able to roll with their changes, tweaking the content and SEO keywords on their ads to bring in the right kind of traffic for the services they offer.

The website we built is law-firm appropriate and emphasizes a clean, professional-looking design. BKS had a lot of really great photos and imagery that they had created, so we were able to incorporate that imagery to give the website a more personal feeling rather than relying on stock photos.

The Results

The site turned out great, and the ad campaign is performing well. BKS Law is happy with their new online presence, and we hope to continue working with them in the future.

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