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The BC Regional Council of Carpenters is a trade union. Carpenters and scaffolders throughout BC become members of the BCRCC in order to secure better income, job benefits, better worksite safety, and other improvements.

The Challenge

The BCRCC approached us with a very slow-loading website that looked dated, and was difficult to manage. The site administrator, Travis, was having difficulty managing updates and adding images to the site because the overall design was clunky and outdated.

Because they are a trade union, the majority of BCRCC’s users, including both existing and prospective members, were viewing the site on their phones. At the time, the site was not mobile-optimized, so we were aware that it was also not serving the needs of its intended audience. Since the BCRCC is over 100 years old, they had a significant legacy and a well-established brand that they wanted to maintain across all updates to the website.

The Solution

We put together a proposal that for a site which would not only maintain the BCRCC’s branding and legacy, but would look and function well on both mobile devices and desktop browsers, and would appeal to an audience that didn’t necessarily have the time or desire to read a lot of text or do a lot of scrolling.

The Results

The new BCRCC website looks great. It even includes a video produced by the union on the main page, featuring various union members at work. This is a site that we are very proud of — it’s modern, clean, and highly functional but it also feels dynamic and action-oriented, which appeals to an audience of young tradespeople. The BCRCC’s branding and legacy are well-integrated, so the site doesn’t feel overly “corporate,” but represents the hands-on attitude and vision of the union.

With this website, the BCRCC is well equipped to meet their goals of reaching a wider audience of tradespeople and recruiting more carpenters and floorlayers to the union cause. A more engaging website will help them lower their cost per conversion and create a more effective advertising campaign.

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