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AutismBC is a not-for-profit organization that works with children and adults with autism. They also provide support, resources, and education for parents of children with autism, and build awareness among the general public.

The Challenge

AutismBC was referred to us through our network. When they approached us, they were dealing with a very slow-loading website. It also had the very dry look and feel of a government website. It conveyed important information in a very stale and boring manner.

As a not-for-profit, AutismBC was working with a very tight budget for their new website, but their goal for us was to produce a site that was visually and functionally on-par with other well-known nonprofits. They wanted to be able to compete with these larger nonprofits so they could gain more donations and better serve the local community.

Another requirement for the project was accessibility. The website had to meet certain accessibility standards and criteria.

The Solution

We built AutismBC a beautiful website that stands up next to websites for other major nonprofit organizations. We were also able to successfully meet nearly all of their accessibility requirements while staying within a very tight budget. We also took extra care to develop the new website so that the AutismBC administrative team has control over all of the content and images they want to manage without having to know any code.

The Results

The new website loads very fast and is a lot more intuitive and accessible for the user. The website also extends the branding through the use of fun asymmetrical shapes and rounded edges. The team finds it easy to maintain, and they’re also able to keep a blog to reach even more users and generate a greater degree of community engagement.