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Digital Marketing

Atticus Financial

Atticus Financial is a Vancouver-based leasing broker specializing in commercial vehicle and equipment leasing for corporations.

The Challenge

When Atticus approached us, the owner, Ray, had a website that didn’t look great and wasn’t generating the business that he wanted. His website also wasn’t ranking particularly well in Google’s search results for key terms. Potential clients just weren’t seeing Atticus or the financing services the company offered.

The Solution

We rebuilt the Atticus Financial website and gave it a sleek, professional look that conveyed the depth of the company’s expertise and experience. The new site is much more informative and visually appealing, and offers a lot of great information about the company while positioning Atticus as knowledge leaders.

With the improved content of the site we were also able to greatly improve Atticus’ search engine rankings.

The Results

Atticus Financial now has a website that they’re proud of, and that showcases the quality of the work they do. It’s a nice looking site that ranks well in search results among industry leaders.

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