Ashcroft Terminal

Ashcroft Terminal is an inland port in BC that deals in transloading, intermodal, railcar storage, and other industrial logistics.

The Challenge

Ashcroft is a long-time client of ours — we’ve been working with them since the early days when they first acquired a piece of land in Ashcroft, BC, where the CN and CP rail lines intersect. At the time, they needed a functional website to attract potential clients as they developed their business model.

Three years later, after they’d invested heavily in transloading and rail infrastructure and developed their business model to a place where they had a better idea of their target market, they approached us again for a website redesign that would better address their goals.

A few years later, Ashcroft Terminal was purchased by the PSA Group, which owns a number of major terminals globally. We were then tasked with designing and building a new website that would elevate Ashcroft’s brand and presence to a new, global level.

The Solution

Over the last decade we’ve designed and built 3 iterations of the Ashcroft Terminal website. Each new website was structured to showcase Ashcroft’s current business model, and target an evolving audience of industrial clients, job-seekers, and business partners. The most recent iteration of the website is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional, and accurately represents Ashcroft as a global logistics terminal.

The Results

Ashcroft Terminal has grown exponentially as a business since we first began working with them, and their current website reflects the level of experience and global reach that the company has.