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Web Design and Development


Results Delivered
A modern web presence unifying their wide variety of services, projects and locations under a single website.

The Challenge

Allnorth originally approached us with the goal of creating child websites for some distinct areas of their operations. They wanted a branded, modern website to showcase services related to specific sectors such as pulp & paper and oil & gas. Our relationship with Allnorth evolved following the successful completion of these smaller projects. We were then called upon to take a look at their main website which was an old Drupal site at the time. The main challenges they had with that site were a dated UI/UX and a menu structure and architecture that didn’t properly represent their services and the sectors they served. They also had a lot of internal complaints from administrators who didn’t find the website easy to manage/update. The website was also not well maintained from a security and performance standpoint which raised concerns in terms of liability and risk.

The Solution

Having already completed a few smaller websites for Allnorth, we already had a foundational understanding of their business, competition, target audience and website goals. So, we were called upon to create a look-and-feel for their main website that was modern, but also very accessible for users in remote locations or on industrial job sites. While doing this, we also had to take into consideration how the dynamic elements of the website would be setup and styled so that in-house administrators could manage various elements of the website (beyond just the main body of text on a given page) without having to know any code. Following the launch of this site, we also amalgamated the previously designed child sites into the architecture of the new website with proper redirects in place to maximize the domain authority of the parent domain.

The Results

We designed and developed an awesome looking site that their users, administrators, IT department and marketing team love.