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Twitter Messing up Superblogger and RokTwittie

Twitter Messing up Superblogger and RokTwittie

Posted on 15.08.2009

I just wanted to knock-off a quick blog post because I’m having some trouble with a couple Joomla extensions that are a big part of my repertoire. Today, twitter is causing some issues with both RokTwittie and SuperBlogger. RokTwittie a sweet little module published by Rockettheme (my favourite template supplier) that shows all of your latest tweets along select info from your twitter profile in a clean and module that adopts your templates css formatting. Love that. Unfortunately, I went to check my site today and my whole site was frozen – according to my webhost’s live chat, there was some sort of looping query that wasn’t preventing my site from loading. When I disabled RokTwittie, no problem.

But then I got curious and started clicking through the rest of my site just to be sure. Low and behold, when I click on an individual blog post, it was showing nothing but a blank page. I use Joomlaworks‘ amazing plugin called SuperBlogger to render my blog and give it all of the links, social bookmarks, tags, comments, etc, etc, that everyone expects in a blog. One of those rendered elements involves twitter which I’m guessing was bunging things up. I disabled SuperBlogger and my blog posts are showing up fine…but without all the pretty blog paraphernalia.

Anyway, I’ve got blog posts on both the Rockettheme and Joomlaworks forums but feel free to send us an email if you have any suggestions. I’d ask you to comment but you can’t without SuperBlogger… OK, you can comment now. I deleted my Twitter username from the SuperBlogger plug-in settings and it is rendering properly.

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  • OK, the issue seems to have been resolved now at Twitter’s end. However, I have put requests in with Rockettheme and Joomlaworks to check this bug out as I don’t want to have to stop using such great extensions.

  • I don’t know that this issue is exclusive to RokTwittie, as we have the same issue using several other Joomla Twitter Modules on various websites. I can see your RokTwittie looping right now in teh left column, as if it’s not receiving the feed.
    Perhaps the best but not the cleanest-looking method is by using the code provided by Twitter and hard coding the last line directly into your template. This way, if Twitter is not available, the rest of the page still loads properly.

  • i want to use super blog too. ant i hae the rocket twitter. 10x for the the way i can use duper blog fo any kind of article?

    • Hi nisan,
      Yes, you can use Superblogger for any kind of article. It’s really just a plugin that adds all of the blog features/functions to the post automatically. If you don’t want twitter, comments, ratings, etc,etc, then you don’t need Superblogger.

  • Hey there! I just stumbled across this blog looking for a fix for my site… I’m using Dominion theme from rockettheme, I like their stuff too! Anyhow wondered if you have had any troubles with Superblogger messing up your articles? It somehow keeps messing with my images (wont show) and formats my text. I know this isn’t a help blog but I can’t find any other resource :)
    Thanks for any help!

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