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The New Yardstick Services Website

The New Yardstick Services Website

Posted on 03.07.2009

OK, so we got tired with our old template and quite frankly, we needed to do a bit of repositioning work. Our old website’s colour palette was a bit too intense and lacked the imagery and layout that we needed to convey our new positioning as a provider of “small business websites”. So, we dove into our pool of templates and decided to modify one of Rockettheme’s newest templates. We added a soft-blue tone to give the site a bit of that technology branding (yeah, we know eveyone in IT uses blue but it’s such a nice colour).

We also rearranged the sections of our site so that relevant content was easier to find and so that we could highlight our new Small Business Website packages. We have also added an enhanced showcase of our work divided into two categories a consulting section and a small business website section. For those of you that might want to look at some of the resources that we use to do our job, check out our new Resources section within the About Us area. And since we’re all about walking the walk, we’ve added a twitter module to our site. We’ll see if it gets us any traction…our target client tends not to know what twitter is.

The final addition to our new site involves rearranging the main menu. Based on our Google analytics reporting from our previous site, we were able to discern that our most visited pages were the “Our Clients” pages and the “Our Team” page…not including a blog post on background music in Joomla which pulled in a surprising number of views.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new site and if you have any feedback, drop us a line [email protected].

Comments (2)

  • The website looks very nice – good work!
    What are you thoughts on disqus so far? I have an D Profile but here on your site as well as others, no matter how many times I log in, there is no indication that I’m logged on – it still shows that I’m commenting as guest. . I have similar problems at my site.

    • I’m a big fan of Disqus. I was using Intensedebate for a while but was having problems with it conflicting with parts of my template and my SEF URL’s. I also get the impression that here in Vancouver, more people are using Disqus. There are definitely pockets of adoption with products like this so to each his/her own. It also helps that it is integrated into the Superblogger plugin by Joomlaworks. Kinda makes it a no brainer.If you’re having trouble, pass on your site and I’ll take a look at it and see if I can login/comment.

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