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Superblogger Aggregates the Best in Class for Joomla Blogs

Superblogger Aggregates the Best in Class for Joomla Blogs

Posted on 06.07.2009

What a relief at last! Someone has finally pulled together all of the necessary tools, resources and widgets that are now standard in most blogs and rolled it into one tight little bundle called Superblogger. Hats off to the team at Joomlaworks who are diligently working on updates to this budding super-extension. Here’s a little taste of what you get for the low-low price of only 7 euros…it’s worth it so don’t cheap out on this one:

  • Share this – once you drop in the custom code into the plugin
  • “Bookmark this page” link
  • Ratings – using Ajax or Outbrain (still working on getting Outbrain working properly so if any has a tip…)
  • Comments – using Disqus which is a kick@$$ commenting system that will earn you some Yahoo links
  • Gravatar integration to show off your mug shot
  • Twitter integration so people can tweet about your article
  • A setting to show off your latest tweets and blog posts
  • Tags tags and more tags
  • Nice little digg, delicious, reddit, stumbleupon, facebook, myspace, technorati buttons out of the box
  • And soooo much more.

For the most part, it takes on your templates formatting (perhaps with a bit of your own css work). My next post will include the formatting that I did to my css to get my blog articles intro text and images to show up properly in both the list view and the full article view.

Check it out at Joomlaworks for more info and happi(er) blogging.

Comments (2)

  • u are using refraction of rockettheme if im not wrong. so y u had to change the css?
    if i want to use superblog for my articles (every article is a tutorial about something), i can use superblog ? or super blog is good only for blogs ?

    • Superblogger will work for your articles but it’s only worth it if you want all of the blog features (comments, ratings, tagging, linking, bookmarking, twitter, etc etc). If these features don’t apply to you, you are better off just publishing all of your articles using Joomla’s built-in article listing of blog-content-category.

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