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Six Key Ingredients for High-Quality Web Content

Six Key Ingredients for High-Quality Web Content

Posted on 01.12.2017

Every business or marketing goal should strive to achieve high-quality web content. It’s what your customers want. It’s what Google looks for to rank your site.

These days, writing good content is not good enough. If you want to attract organic traffic and persuade your visitors to take measurable action, your content must be better than good. It must be high-quality content that’s easy to read, easy to process, and quick to navigate.

Whether you’re writing static content or updating a blog post, producing relevant, purposeful and authoritative content will build trust and credibility with your visitors. The result? It’s likely to be shared on social media channels, which correlates to higher search engine rankings. Before you know it, your website becomes a reliable source in your desired niche or industry.

The following elements are consistent indicators of quality that will determine how your site is perceived to search engines and visitors. Include these essentials in your content to achieve a results-driven and informative website.

1. Valuable and Useful

  • Provide the answers your visitors want to know
  • Give your audience the facts and include information-rich details
  • Show how your product or service benefits your potential customer
  • If your competition offers similar products/services, highlight your differentiators

2. Identify Target Market

  • Know your target demographic and what makes them tick; do your research
  • Define the purpose of your content and tailor it accordingly
  • Understand your audiences’ needs and make your content applicable
  • Establish an effective tone and voice that relates to your demographic

3. Authority

  • Be an expert source for your audience on your product or service
  • Your expertise is critical to your visitor; craft insightful and knowledgeable content to inspire shares
  • Write detailed information communicated effectively; post flawless grammar and spelling
  • Know the solutions that will resonate with what your visitor wants/needs

4. Readability

  • Get to the point. Fast. Make it easy for visitors to find and extract the information they want
  • Make your content scannable with bullet lists
  • Include internal links and anchor links (page jumps)
  • Chunk copy into bite-size pieces with subheadings; keep sentences and paragraphs short

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Make natural use of keywords and phrases
  • Incorporate keywords with a reasonable search volume within your target market; write for your user
  • Include keywords in image descriptions (alt tags)
  • Insert target keyword in the URL, subheads, and meta description

6. Engage

  • Post fresh quality content regularly (updates/blog 2-3 times a week)
  • Include compelling call-to-action
  • Incorporate social media buttons
  • Provide user comment form to help engage readers with your content

If you are you looking for assistance with writing high-quality web content, we can help. Please feel free to comment below, send an email or give us a call: 604.474.3631.