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10 Tips to Prevent Your Joomla Website from Being Hacked

Jul 12, 2012

We recently discovered that a client’s website had some mysterious traffic spikes in their Google Analytics account. We quickly began investigating and realized that a hacker had somehow placed a bit of code in the site that created some unauthorized redirect URL’s within the site. These URL’s contained keyword-rich meta data which allowed these newly […]

Small Business Videos from Vancouver Experts

Jun 8, 2011

This week’s issue of Business in Vancouver featured a segment on the Small Business BC expert videos. These short segments produced by were designed to allow some of the speakers at Small Business BC to share some bite-sized chunks of knowledge in video format – knowledge that is normally disseminated through the many seminars […]

Small Business Websites: Link Building and Sitemap Q&A

Jun 1, 2011

The seminars at Small Business BC have been going very well with attendance up from the winter. Recently, I delivered seminars to fairly full rooms at Waterfront Station in Vancouver joined by a number of video conferences attendees from cities like Prince Rupert, Langley, Ashcroft, Kelowna and Saskatoon. One of the attendees emailed me asking […]

How Twitter can help build your Small Business Website

Mar 25, 2011

Small Businesses need Twitter. It’s just that simple. But in saying that, there are still a number of businesses, both big and small, that have opted not to create an account. Reasons for this range from “we don’t understand it” to “we don’t think it would add much value to our business”. Regardless of why […]

Three Tips: Why Blogging is Important for Small Businesses

Mar 25, 2011

One of our specialties at Yardstick Services is maintaining blogs for our small business clients. Many small business owners don’t have a full understanding of why maintaining an active blog is an important aspect of their internet marketing strategy, and how vital it can be for the growth of their business. Here’s a quick breakdown […]

Four Productivity Tools For Small Business

Nov 24, 2010

As the world continues to go digital, the traditional tools of business are slowly but surely becoming impractical and obsolete. Thanks to computers, the internet and a world chock-full of software developers, systems are now available that are allowing small-businesses the opportunity to replace their expensive and high-maintenance management tools with stream-lined solutions. We at […]

Small Businesses Need More Than Just a Website

Oct 29, 2010

Over the past few months, I’ve delivered a number of seminars at Small Business BC about how small businesses can get great websites.  Inevitably, I get asked questions about the level of results or return on investment a new website can expect.  It’s a really tough question to answer because I always get the sense […]

The Pros and Cons of Flash for Small Business Websites

Jun 16, 2010

  Flash has become a very contentious piece of technology of late. This is primarily because of some decisions made by Apple to not adopt or allow Flash applications of any sort on the iPhone and iPad. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has been publicly expressing his reasoning for this decision – “Flash is closed […]

Small Business Website: Easy Image Searching

Jun 2, 2010

Just a quick post from me this time, as this is something I’ve been meaning to get on the blog for a while. As a web developer, I’m always on the lookout for a fast and reliable source of image files for our small business clients’ websites. Flickr is a great resource for free and […]

DIY SEO: Four Tools for Small Business Keyword Research

May 18, 2010

It’s been a bit since I wrote an article but fortunately team members Brendon and Tristan have been picking up the slack. Tristan is working on a great series of blog posts about social media. I’m watching the metrics closely while also following the success of people like George Moen of Blenz coffee who just […]