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Do you really need an eNewsletter?

Do you really need an eNewsletter?

Posted on 26.11.2017

If you don’t already have an e-newsletter, is it really worth starting? Do you have an e-newsletter but are finding it is not working like you wish it would? It might be worth asking yourself some questions and considering the following areas to determine if an e-newsletter is a strong marketing tool for your business.

What Are You Trying To Accomplish With An E-newsletter?

Look at your overall marketing goals and consider if an e-newsletter is a good use of your resources.

  • Are you looking to engage more frequently with customers?
  • Are you looking to offer discounts, deals and updates in a more cost-effective and timely way?
  • Are you looking to utilize this in place of a different type of marketing that you currently utilize (i.e. mailed flyers)?

There are so many options when it comes to your marketing strategy, but you should always consider what is actually working. Having clear goals and objectives for your marketing and e-newsletter specifically, will help to determine if it is performing, or if there is another type of marketing that may be more effective in driving audience engagement for your business.

What Will Make Your E-newsletter Stand Out?

Think about what will make your e-newsletter different than your competitors or others that your readers may already be receiving. Will you offer coupons specific to this audience only? What will you include for content that will make them want to open your e-newsletter each time? Do you have self-created content to reference or features on your site that you want to showcase?

Who Is Your Target Market?

Some audiences just don’t engage with online marketing or e-newsletters as much as others. Take a minute to consider who you are talking to and if this medium is a strong option for engaging with these people. While your entire target market may not be highly engaged with e-newsletters, does it cover enough of your audience to make it an effective tool in your marketing arsenal? Be honest with yourself, and this may change as your target market grows or offerings of your business shifts.

Do You Have The Capacity?

When considering your capacity to execute an effective e-newsletter, it is vital to maintain consistency! Audiences appreciate things that can be depended upon, so if you say your e-newsletter will be sent monthly, make sure it is sent out on time, for example, the first Tuesday of each month.

  • How often will you be sending out your e-newsletter?
  • How much content are you looking to include?
  • Will you have one or more e-newsletters to send? Different target markets may not be looking for the same content, such as end-consumers and retailers.
  • Is there someone on your current marketing team that has the skill set to put this together?

If your answers to the above questions indicate that an e-newsletter works with your goals and objectives, check out our “How To Get Started With E-newsletters” blog.

If you have concerns about your capacity to execute an effective e-newsletter, let us know, and we can offer e-newsletter services to help facilitate a strong campaign to represent your business.

Still have questions? We are always here to help, just drop us a comment below, send an email or give us a call: 604.474.3631