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Content Sharing is Caring

Content Sharing is Caring

Posted on 23.05.2017

The next step of optimizing your YouTube video (or other external content) is sharing.

Not many people will go and seek out content, so it’s up to you to share it as much as you can with relevant parties to increase the views, likes, and engagement metrics. First and foremost, have confidence in your work that it will appeal to others.

If it’s a video, include it in as many of your YouTube playlists as are relevant to help generate views.

From the Inside Out

The best place to start sharing is on your own platforms with your direct audience.

  • Share on your social media pages
  • Pin the post to the top on pages with this option
  • Sponsor the posts on applicable platforms such as Facebook with specifically targeted audience options for effective ROI with a small budget
  • Include it in your newsletter
  • Have it on a prominent part of your website
  • Utilize relevant hashtags and tag other contributors, i.e. where did you film? Was it another company that did hair/makeup/styling? Who did the filming?

Do Your Research

Who would be interested in your content? It’s time to take the blinders off and think big picture. Is your content more of a general topic that people outside of your industry could utilize or be interested in?

Is there an event or theme coming up across the months/weeks/days that are celebrated that could be relevant to your topic, such as Hearing and Speech month in May. Don’t wait for these events to come around to share, but ensure that you don’t miss this audience and opportunity to share your content again with relevant hashtags.

Reach Out

You don’t need a full press release or anything fancy to share your content. Start with a brief description of what it’s about, a little bit about you (and/or your company), and keep in mind why anyone else would care (ultimately, they will be looking for what’s in it for them). Send it to any and every one you think it could apply to. It may seem spammy, but you would be surprised who shows interest and where you garner attention. Try to reach outside the box, appeal to different audiences and see what sticks.

Don’t discount the mommy bloggers and industry influencers. With large audiences and close followings, these could be the best resources to pull from and garner engagement. Look for people or associations relevant to the topic, and either share it with them directly or tag them in your social media posts. Try to find PR contacts for products that could relate to your topic, or for products used in your video.

Ultimately, it is up to you to share the content. Start small, build upwards and (most importantly) have fun with it!