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4 Reasons Your Website Needs a Professional Copywriter

4 Reasons Your Website Needs a Professional Copywriter

Posted on 01.10.2019

Are you generating sufficient leads from your website? Is it driving the traffic you want and attracting your target audience? If you’re not garnering the results you want, hiring a professional copywriter is the best approach to meet your business objectives and take your website to the next level. Here are just four reasons to hire a professional copywriter for your website project.

1. It’s Important To Your Website’s Success
Professional copywriting is the vehicle to get you results. Your website should be working for you, tirelessly, 24/7 — like a dedicated overachiever. It should drive the user experience and successfully communicate everything your audience needs to know. High-quality copywriting will build confidence in your products and your business, and impart trust in your brand.

Good copywriting is persuasive content to influence a decision — not just with any words — but the right words with the appropriate tone and voice.

  • Good copywriting is actionable
  • Customized copy will motivate your customer to purchase, opt-in, sign-up, respond, request more information, or engage with your product or service

Effective copywriting communicates a clear and concise message. Expertly written copywriting makes an emotional connection with your visitor by presenting a solution to whatever problem they’re looking to solve. Copywriting is about ideas and problem solving.

2. Professional Copywriters Have The Right Tools
Copywriting is a learned skill. A professional copywriter will ensure your content is informative and interesting to your audience; every page on your website will be written with your reader in mind. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your product or service is if you can’t make a connection with your customers. Your business needs to communicate a powerful message and that means you need strong writing.

  • The copywriting process includes copy-editing, which is paramount for your web copy. The correct usage and error-free spelling, grammar, and punctuation is vital to keeping your site looking professional and ranking on Google
  • You might think you can tackle your own copywriting; however, without the specific tools and tactics essential to produce high-quality copy in a timely manner, unfortunately, your time will be wasted
  • Even if you insist you can produce valuable copy, attempting to squeeze this task into your schedule will likely trickle down on your priority list, eventually delaying the production/launch of your website
  • Ultimately, writing your own copy does not serve you well; utilizing a professional copywriter will save you time (and ultimately money) so you can focus on other important business and running your company

3. It’s Difficult To Be Objective About Your Own Business
Let’s face it — you know your business best. However, as an expert in your field, most of your prospective customers aren’t at your level. You may not be able to interpret your information clearly to your target audience, but a pair of “outside eyes” and a fresh perspective can be just what you need to communicate your most important benefits.

  • Your winning difference or unique selling proposition (USP) could be something you take for granted, but that your customers find wildly impressive
  • A copywriter will be able to convey your services and products in cohesive layman’s terms — simple and clear

4. Good Copywriting Increases Leads & Potential Sales
High-quality copywriting will articulate your USP by clearly defining what differentiates you from your competition. It will convey what makes your product/service the best solution, i.e. the easiest, safest, healthiest, efficient, economical, etc. Using a professional copywriter creates content that is more engaging and more likely to convert into inquiries. For instance, consider this hypothetical scenario:

  • The goal for your B2B website is to generate four to five inquiries per week
  • Your business will sell 25% of their inquiries, so that’s one to two sales per week
  • Let’s say the value of the sale is $10,000 for your business — therefore, the opportunity cost of a low-performing website is $40,000 to $50,000 per month
  • That opportunity cost varies from business to business but it always needs to be considered
  • Using a professional copywriter will get your site launched sooner so that you can capitalize on this missed opportunity
  • The earlier launch and increased performance of your website will more than pay for the cost of professional copywriting
  • Remember, every minute your site is down or online without optimal copywriting can cost you targeted leads and conversions