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Trying to get ranked on Google can seem daunting for some small local businesses — especially if there are some established competitors (such as franchises or big box stores). Our clients are typically the small owner-operated businesses. And we have a good track record of helping these businesses get ranked locally. So, here are 11 tips to improve your local rankings on Google.

Easy online image editing tools

Everyone knows “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and the adage still rings true, especially online. Images on your website and social media accounts engage audiences, grab attention, and bring your words to life. A strong image should be able to show a product or service solving a problem while portraying a lifestyle or feeling that speaks to your target audience.

Do you really need an eNewsletter?

If you don’t already have an e-newsletter, is it really worth starting? Do you have an e-newsletter but are finding it is not working like you wish it would? It might be worth asking yourself some questions and considering the following areas to determine if an e-newsletter is a strong marketing tool for your business.

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