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Why Choose Yardstick

Many of our clients love working with us because we are a small business that is focused on helping other small businesses succeed. We understand the challenges involved in trying to grow a business and we respect that resources are limited and time is precious. This is why we created a flat monthly-rate model to provide our clients with the budgetary controls they need while still allowing for enough freedom and flexibility to create a beautiful website that generates a solid return on investment.

More Expertise Than Hiring In-House

Web people tend to come in one of two forms: either right-brained (creative) or left-brained (analytical).

Creative people can create beautiful designs while the more analytical types are generally great with code and databases. It is very rare to find one individual who can create both a beautiful looking website and effectively resolve bugs and develop new features.

At Yardstick Services, we have all of the skills and experience diversified across our team, which you can access at a fraction of the cost of hiring one individual in-house.

Better Service Than Outsourcing Overseas

Outsourcing is common and can provide some incredible cost-saving benefits. However, what you save in money, you often loose in time. With an 8-hour or more time difference, your development cycle can slow down significantly — a 20-minute change can end up taking 24- hours to fully communicate and implement. Language barriers can also create challenges when written or verbal descriptors are misinterpreted.

And most importantly, many countries do not abide by our Canadian ethical standards, which can create challenges if the payment terms, timeline or scope of the contract are under dispute. There is no replacement for sitting down face-to-face with someone you know and trust to communicate your business needs and desires.

More Affordable Than A Bigger Company

Our competitors provide us healthy competition. In fact, we look up to some of the larger companies in Vancouver as role models both in service and innovation. However, if budget is a concern, then our flat monthly-rate business model combined with our low overhead structure (a series of home offices and no commissioned sales people) allow us to maintain competitive pricing, consequently providing our clients with some of the best value in the industry.

Community Outreach – Giving Back

We enjoy giving back and support our community both online and offline. Our team members regularly contribute to online forums, helping other web designers and business owners solve problems. Our CEO, Kevin McLeod, volunteers his time to speak each month at Small Business BC and has been a guest panelist at various SFU entrepreneurship events to help new business owners learn more about what it takes to get a great website and build a company from scratch.

How Can We Help?

If you’re looking for something but haven’t found it on our website, give us a call. If we can’t provide the service that you’re looking for, we are happy to refer you to a suitable firm from our large list of partners and associates.